NEWS | 15 February 23

First 20MW battery secured through ten-year optimisation contract with Masdar Arlington Energy has gone live

We’re excited to announce that the first-of-three battery storage sites secured through a ten-year contract for optimisation with RGREEN INVEST has gone live. Developed by Masdar Arlington Energy with the backing of 4 Renewable Energy, the IPP arm of RGREEN INVEST, the contract totals 89MW across three sites. The remaining 20MW and 49MW batteries are expected to commence operations later in 2023.

Our Optimisation Team is handling the battery in frequency, balancing and wholesale energy markets, constantly adapting the output in real-time to deliver cost-effective use of energy storage that maximises the green value and secures stable return-on-investment for the asset owner.

Nikki Gibbs, Originator Battery Optimisation, commented:

“We see that batteries have shifted from an emerging to proven technology, and Back lane going live is an important milestone in our strategic agenda of marketing low-carbon solutions and optimising physical flows. Importantly we’re delivering on our position as a green transition enabler, capable of providing flexibility to stabilise fluctuating renewable production and supporting security of supply.”

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