Electrolysers & Batteries

Integrating and optimising your electrolyser or large-scale battery assets with the grid, we’ll help you achieve your commercial goals whilst maximising the return on your sustainable investment.

Integrate your assets

Integrate your assets

While it certainly would make things easier, electrolysers and large-scale battery assets are not handled identically to other power assets.

That’s why we’ve developed the deep market expertise, capabilities, and setup needed to integrate and optimise these technologies in the grid. We’ll help you optimise your power costs and maximise returns on your investment, and with digital management through Centrica Direct, it’s never been easier to integrate and optimise your electrolyser or large-scale battery with the grid.

Achieve your commercial goals

We’ll help you achieve the commercial goals for your facility. Managing power costs, optimising multimarket and according to your production objectives, ensuring hydrogen certification through renewables matching, generating new revenue streams through balancing market participation – or all the above.

Your PPA Provider

We’re a leading provider of renewable power purchase agreements and with a renewable PPA or hedge we can help you ensure both predictable and sustainable energy prices and consumption.

Your Product Certifier

No matter what certification you want your hydrogen production to achieve, we’ll enable matching of your renewable production and consumption, so your products comply with any certification you choose.

Your Trade Floor

Acting as your trade floor, we’ll make your assets available in balancing markets, providing additional revenue streams for your business without compromising operational integrity or stability.