Tailored Power Purchase Agreements

Accelerate your investment in renewable energy

Accelerate your investment in renewable energy

Through our tailored Power Purchase Agreements, we provide investors and developers with long-term financial agreements, fixed prices, and stable returns, helping unlock the capital needed to sustainably finance the green transition. With one of Europe’s largest renewable energy portfolios, we have specialised in Renewable PPAs and Asset Management for more than 15 years, crafting uniquely tailored and fully transparent PPAs.

We understand that flexibility is the key to success and that is why our team is available to assist you from beginning to end in the PPA process.

Why Power Purchase Agreements?

Learn how our PPAs create value for both investors, asset developers and owners, and the green transition.

Protect against the risk of fluctuating energy prices

Seeking to minimise risk exposure to price fluctuations in the market, we hedge PPA volumes to the greatest extent possible, selling corresponding volumes in financial markets or directly to businesses through corporate offtake agreements. This means that earnings lock-in and are not impacted by subsequent developments in the electricity spot price.

Accelerate the buildout of new renewable assets

We offer commercially attractive Power Purchase Agreements and Corporate Power Purchase Agreements that drive new, unsubsidised renewable energy assets to market. We support the ability of developers to make sustainable investments whilst helping corporate customers deliver on their green procurement strategies and net zero operations.

Create energy marketing and asset management capabilities

The rapid development of renewable assets by independent power producers with limited or no power trading capabilities has created a surging demand for energy marketing and asset management capabilities. Once an asset becomes operational, we make sure it can be traded and balance the output in energy markets.

Power Purchase Agreements are going to be essential to the growth of renewable energy in the UK and Europe, helping secure guaranteed returns for developers, and encouraging growth in the sector.

Power Purchase Agreements are going to be essential to the growth of renewable energy in the UK and Europe, helping secure guaranteed returns for developers, and encouraging growth in the sector.Managing Director, Centrica Energy -

Cassim Mangerah

Managing Director, Centrica Energy

Our Track Record on PPAs

Solar Power in Estonia

Offtaking power production from the Rummu and Jersey solar parks constructed by Enery with a total installed capacity of 32 MW. The parks generate approximately 39 GWh of green electricity annually – equivalent to the demand of approximately 12,366 households and offsetting 24,550 tonnes of CO2e emissions annually.

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Solar Agreement with STMicroelectronics

We signed ten-year Power Purchase Agreement with STMicroelectronics for the supply of renewable energy to its operations in Italy, starting January 2025. The agreement is based on the sale of approximately 61 GWh of renewable energy per year, produced by a new solar farm in Italy.

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Wind Power in Estonia

We signed a 10-year agreement with Taaleri and Lords LB Asset Management for wind farms with a total installed capacity of 136MW. Generating 408GWh annually, the wind farms will produce green electricity equivalent to the consumption of approximately 197,000 households, offsetting 123,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions every year.

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