Power your green ambitions with Renewable Energy Certificates

Advantages of energy certificates

Advantages of energy certificates

Certificates play an important role in the green transition. For certificate owners, they combine power needs with green ambitions, boost their green profile through stricter sustainability criteria, and offsets greenhouse gas emissions from energy use. Ultimately, the investment in renewable energy certificates increases the market momentum for renewable energy build out.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Renewable Energy Certificates - also known as Guarantees of Origin - attest the origin of energy. With a certificate, you can document that your consumption is powered by renewable energy.

At Centrica Energy, we offer certificates with all leading global standardizations and environmental accreditations and tailored and transparent solutions that matches your specific needs. Handling management, trading and retirement of green certificates, we help combine your business’ energy needs with your green ambitions.

We offer renewable energy certificates from a range of renewable sources and geographies with yearly or monthly matching, securing that production of renewable energy at a specific site is allocated to your consumption, and making you offset greenhouse gas emissions with your renewable energy use.

Renewable Energy Certificates with Ecolabels

We also offer energy certificates from renewable assets that meet stricter environmental requirements and are verified by an external auditor. Offering a wide range of labels, you can strengthen your green profile by purchasing Ecolabel certificates that help fund climate- or energy initiatives or protect natural habitats and biodiversity.


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