Careers FAQ 

Applying for a position

How do I apply for a job at Centrica Energy?
Feel free to browse our current vacancies. All applications to join Centrica Energy are processed via WorkDay, which you will be directed to when you hit the “apply” button on the vacant position.

Can I receive job posting notifications?
Unfortunately, this option is currently not available, but we are working on a solution. However, you are always welcome to apply for an unsolicited position or to contact our Talent Acquisition Specialists Stine Rasmussen (Senior Professionals) or Sophie McHard (Emerging Talents)  to hear more about your opportunities.

Can I send an unsolicited application if I cannot find an opportunity that matches my skills?
We are posting new positions on a regular basis, but if you can’t find any position that fits your profile, we recommend contacting our Talent Acquisition Specialist Stine Rasmussen at to further discuss your opportunities.

If you are a student and interested in working with us, but can’t find an open position, you can always apply to our “unsolicited student assistant”. We will then contact you if we have an open position which matches your profile.

We recommend you to contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist Stine Rasmussen at or our Emerging Talent Acquisition Specialist Sophie McHard at to further discuss your opportunities.

How long does it take to complete the online application?
If you already have all your information prepared, including your cover letter and motivation, it should take approximately 5 minutes to complete the online application.

What should I upload when applying for a job?
As a minimum, you will be expected to upload a current CV containing your contact info, relevant education, and work experience with relevant responsibilities. You will also be asked to upload a cover letter explaining your suitability for the role and your motivation for joining.

What is your interview process?
We’ve detailed the entire process at Applying with us


How soon can I expect to learn if I am being considered for the position that I have applied for?
You should hear from us within 14 days.


Who can I contact if I am having problems applying online?
Contact or our Talent Acquisition Specialist Stine Rasmussen at or our Emerging Talent Acquisition Specialist Sophie McHard at


Is my personal data secure?

We believe it is important to protect your privacy and personal data, and so we are committed to giving you a service that meets your needs in a way that also protects your privacy.

Please read our Privacy Policy, which explains how we may collect information about you and then use it to meet your needs. It also explains all of the security measures we take to protect your privacy.



Working at Centrica Energy

Are flexible working options offered at Centrica Energy?
We are doing a lot to ensure a great balance between work and private life, so for the majority of positions we offer great flexible working opportunities, including working from home, remote work, and/or working to fit personal schedules. Of course, some positions are covered by a time scheme, in which case flexibility needs to be mutually agreed.

Where does Centrica Energy have offices?
We have offices in 8 locations. Our head office is in Aalborg, Denmark, and we have supporting offices at the following locations:

  • London, UK
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Oslo, Norway, and
  • Singapore.


What kind of development opportunities can I expect at Centrica Energy?
We’re in the business of empowering potential, and as a growing company, we can offer a wide array of opportunities for you to grow too.

Learn more about how you can develop yourself with us.


For internationals

Where is Centrica Energy located?
We have offices in 8 locations. Our head office is in London, UK, and we have supporting offices at the following locations:

  • London, UK
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Oslo, Norway, and
  • Singapore.

Can I apply for a job outside my home country
Yes, definitely. We already have over 40 different nationalities working with us across our 8 locations, and we’re always keen on broadening our international profile. We are very experienced in helping new employees and their families relocate.


Does Centrica Energy help employees with relocation?
If you are an international employee moving to one of our locations to work with us, we can assist the new employee in how to register at the citizen service and finding an apartment.

We acknowledge that it might be difficult to understand a new country’s set-up and what to consider when moving, living and working in a new location.

Depending on which one of our locations you are moving to, we have different guidelines and a clear set up and endeavour to make sure that everything is being taken care of – from new tax systems to work permits, depending of course on where you are moving from.



Early careers

Do you require years of experience, or do you also hire directly from educational institutions?
We’re a fast-growing company with a wide variety of opportunities for candidates at every experience level, and yes, we hire directly from educational institutions.

Learn more about our Graduate Programme.
Learn more about gaining student work experience.

In which areas can I gain experience?
Our growing business offers a wide variety of roles within many different departments, including:

  • Gas, Power& LNG Trading
  • Renewable energy trading and optimisation
  • Trade support and asset management
  • IT and engineering
  • Legal, compliance and risk management
  • Risk Management
  • Commercial business development
  • Finance and administration
  • Human resources
  • Strategy, marketing and communications.


Do you offer student positions and internships?
We offer a wide selection of student work experience opportunities. Almost one in five of our current workforce are students. For more information, browse our current vacancies.


Do you have a Graduate programme?
Yes, we currently offer Commodity Trading and Business Management graduate programmes at our Aalborg, Copenhagen and London offices.
Learn more about our Graduate programme.


In what countries does Centrica Energy hire students?
We hire recently-graduated students in all our locations. If you are interested in a student position during your studies, we also offer positions in our offices in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Singapore.



Life at Centrica Energy


What is the working environment like at Centrica Energy?
We are diverse and energetic. We’ve built a highly-collaborative and engaging environment based on high levels of trust and respect, and our truly international work environment is made up of enthusiastic, experienced and highly-skilled people from over 46 nations.


What is the social life like at Centrica Energy?
A rich social vein runs through our culture and is embodied in our Staff Association, which organises a vast array of social events, fitness and sports activities, parties and other fun activities. There are also a number of special interest social committees arranged by employees across our locations.


What is your approach to diversity and inclusion?
We’re building a workplace where everyone feels they can belong, and where every voice matters. To build a more sustainable future, we need a diverse team with a vibrant mix of thoughts and skills. And we need an inclusive culture, where everyone feels motivated, valued and able to succeed.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion.