PPAs and Corporate PPAs

As a leading European energy trader with +13 GW of renewable power under management and over 15 years of experience in innovating the European PPA market, we provide competitive solutions that help manage merchant risks and lower costs whilst meeting the needs of investors and banking partners.



The growing share of renewable energy creates new types of risks and opportunities for participants in the energy market. Centrica Energy offers attractive Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) on both fixed or floating prices and individually structured settlements. We understand that flexibility is the key to success and that is why our team is available to assist you from beginning to end in the PPA process.


‒ PPAs protect against the risk of fluctuating energy prices.
‒ Help accelerate the buildout of new renewable assets.
‒ Sophisticated PPAs make renewable investments bankable.

Corporate PPAs

Corporate PPAs

We tailor transparent and all-inclusive Corporate PPAs from source to delivery, connecting corporate energy consumption directly with sustainable sources, making any green energy procurement strategy a reality. We match, shape and trade desired energy production and associated green energy attributes to corporate offtakers at stable costs, with the highest possible degree of transparency, and according to the risk appetite of the involved parties.


‒ CPPAs protect against the risk of fluctuating energy prices.
‒ Increases the market momentum for renewable energy build-out.
‒ Combines your power needs with your green ambitions.

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