Power Trading

With over 20 years of experience in European power markets, we’ve developed a pan-European footprint, actively trading in 24 different power markets. Operating 24/7/365 on all major exchanges and covering all trading horizons, we’re moving energy across grids and borders and helping ensure market efficiency and transparent competition.

Trading on all major exchanges and in the OTC market, our power trading setup operates in the volatile short-term, day-ahead and within-spot markets as well as in the forward markets, covering daily to yearly contracts with futures, options and structured products. Leveraging our extensive quantitative and automated data platform, analytical setup and market presence, we capture opportunities and efficiently move energy across grids and borders to the markets where its most needed and produces the greatest yield.


  • We move energy across grids and borders.
  • We help ensure transparent competition.
  • We bring liquidity and efficiency to wholesale energy markets.